🍄🍝Linguine with scallops and mushroomsホタテときのこのリングイネ

3000cc water
30g salt
130g~ Linguine
10g garlic
5p chili pepper
5g~ anchovy paste
100g scallop
50g eringi mushroom
50g enoki mushroom
10cc white wine
◆130g Linguine
70cc pasta boiled juice
50g long leek
2cc~ nam pla
olive oil

🍆🐷🌶🍳Stir fried Egg plant and Pork with Chili Pepper茄子と豚肉の唐辛子炒め

10g garlic
15g~ ginger
6 chili pepper
negi oil
180g meat
200g egg plant
150g hakusai : chinese cabagge
10cc sake
10cc shirodashi
150cc water
5g chcken soup powder
2cc~sesame oil
10g starch

🐓🌿🌶🍳Stir fried Chicken and garlic sprouts 鶏とにんにく芽炒め

10g garlic
20g ginger
20g doubanjiang
negi oil
200g chicken
140g garlic sprouts
150g bamboo shoots
100g kikurage mushroom
10cc sake
10cc shirodashi
150g water
5g chicken soup powder
3cc sesame oil
10g starach+ water

🐓🍝Chicken meat ball Pasta鶏のミートボールPASTA

100g onion
400g chicken
1 egg
5cc~ shirodashi
10g garlic
10g starch
10g garlic
1 chili pepper
olive oil
50g eringi
◆chicken meatball
180g tomato
2cc~ balsamic vinegar
6pc olive
◆ 130g linguine piccole
70cc pasta boiled juice
20g~ parmesan cheese powder
black pepper
parmesan cheese powder